EasyAcc® 5000mAh 2.5A Dual Port

EasyAcc-5000-mAh-PowerBank-ICHOC-M5-1The usage:

There is one aspect to consider with this power bank!
Anyone whodoesn’t have a micro USB connector on his or her mobile phone cannot use this battery, since the charging cable is directly connected to the device and non-detachable.

This of course has the advantage of not having to bring extra cables with you and the EasyAcc 5000 alone being enough.

Otherwise, the handling is rather simple. There is a cable for charging the power guzzler and there is an input (micro USB) to supply the power bank with electricity. Charging takes about 6 hours. If we charge our power guzzler (Smartphone), we are about 3x as fast.

Positives and negatives:

+ Just 8 mm thin and thereby very portable

+More capacity than its little brother (EasyAcc 3000)

-There is just one cable, which is directly connected to the device, which results in only devices with micro USB connectors being supported.


I like the new smaller power bank from [amazon text=EasyAcc with 5,000 mAh*&asin=B00EK3UHS8] a lot and I’m going to give this battery to my girlfriend. It’s a middle course between an emergency battery and an everyday battery. With 5,000 mAh, an ordinary smartphone can be charged about 2.5 times.

The little brother therefore becomes obsolete and in your place, I would prefer this power bank to the 3000 model.