RAVPower Element 10400mAh External Battery

The first impression of the RAVPower Element 10400mAh battery:

RAVPower-10400-externer-AkkuThe workmanship on this Powerbank is what we’re used to in terms of RAVPower* – extremely high-end. That’s is a phenomenon that we noticed in all tested devices. For this test, I decided to get a black device, as I simply thing it’s the more elegant colour. Technically the two available colours have no differences, of course. Externally the battery looks like it could shrug off a fall of significant height, which, however, you shouldn’t try just to see it. The box in which the accessories and the device itself come almost seems too trivial for this product, but that shall not serve for negative points in the conclusion.


RAVPower 10400 mAh: Performance, accessories, etc.:

The battery from RAVPower comes partly charged, and in my case with 80% of its full capacity. The capacity can be easily read with the 4 blue LEDs, and it works fine. The accessories include two cords (USB – Micro-USB) to charge your devices, as well as an instruction manual for the external battery. Additionally, there is a small bag in the box, which is a nice thing to safely put it in.

The on-off switch is easily v and on the top of the device. The external battery turns off after a certain period of time without charging any other device. So don’t worry if you forget to turn it off. To turn it on or off, just hold the button for about 3 seconds.

For charging and discharging, there are 3 ports in the front. If you want to recharge your smartphone, just plug your cord into the „big“ USB port and the device to be recharged on the other end. Everything is very self-explanatory. If only one LED is on, you should recharge it. For this, you require the middle Micro-USB port. You just plug the „big“ USB port into your computer or into a power plug, and the other end into the Micro-USB port.

The battery can be charged with a maximum of 1.5 A, which means that if your power plug can muster this power, your battery will be full in a good 8 hours. The power outputs have 1A and 2.1A. That means that you can recharge your devices either with 1000mAh per hour or with 2100mAh per hour. Almost any smart phone can be recharged from 0% to 100% within about one hour.

Of course, you can also use your own charging cords. All your devices that have a USB port for recharging can be recharged with this Powerbank.

Amazon_BannerConclusion about the RAVPower 10400 mAh – Quality & Features

The second RAVPower battery with 10400 mAh is very convincing once again. The workmanship is first class and the capacity is enough to recharge a smart phone several times.The RAVPower battery* is a best selling product on Amazon and other platforms and we are happy to have tested it.