What exactly is an external battery?

An external battery is a device to charge other mobile devices. An external battery can charge every mobile device, but this different from each device to another device.

How can I charge my devices using an external battery?

It’s pretty simple to charge your device using an external battery. Most fabricants adding adapters, for different types of phones, to the final product. If an adapter is missing you can still use your phone’s USB-cable.

How often can I charge my device by using the external battery?

That is pretty simple as well. Each battery has a max. capacity of mA/h. Just divide the max capacity by your phones battery capacity and you got the amount of charges.

How does an external battery work?

An external battery is getting charged as a normal device at home by wall power. If the battery is full charged you connect the battery with your device using the connection cable.

What kind of devices can get charged?

Devices that use an adapter of the pack or a device by the normal charging cable if it is USB.