XTPower S23000 mAh

Solar energy for mobile battery of XTPower (MP-S23000)

The own mobile battery charging with solar energy is a good thing for the environment, how well this works we will be in a detailed report to you soon XTPower MP-S23000 show.

On the last Tuesday (beautiful summer day) I could do this in full action and test the lake to impress my friends.

A major report to the external solar battery you here next week we will be at mobile-battery.de and present our opinion will be sure good result.

Amazon_BannerMy mobile phone (2000 mAh) is the last 1 1/2 weeks already from this powerhouse and he still has energy fed on some loads. The built-in battery and also amounts to 23000 mAh notebooks can be recharged with this device.

XTPower S23000 mAh