EasyAcc 7000mAh

Here it is a matter of the 7000mAh* battery of EasyAcc with two USB-ports

First impression:

EasyAcc 7000mAh frontThe populated power bank is delivered fully charged, so that you can just go. Processing is at first sight, to be very good. He is white high-gloss Photo Paper with a silver edge. The battery has two normal USB connections and a micro USB port. This will be populated Power Bank more supplied no various adapter cables, but rather just two. Once for the ipad and iphone 4 or one with a micro USB connection for e.g. Samsung Smartphones.


The battery should be once empty it’s very easy on the micro USB connection to be recharged, the supplied cable can be used. The populated power bank can be loaded on a computer or laptop, or what is much quicker, it charges the battery through the electrical outlet each. To do this, you will need a USB-plug sockets Adapter. Now if you wish to recharge his Smartphone or something else you close this by using just one of the provided cables to and start the charging process by pressing the button on the top. If you remove the device, the battery automatically switches itself off after a few seconds. To charge the iphone 5 you have the Original charge cable from Apple directly to the mobile battery.

Technical Details:

Capacity: 7000mAh
Type: Li-Polymer battery
Input: 5V 1A (Micro USB Port)
Output: DC 5V / 1A

Battery Life Extension:

380% of iPhone 5(charging with the original charging cable)
400% of iPhone 4S
250% of Samsung S3 battery life
180% of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life
250% of Google nexus 4 battery life
250% of Nokia Lumia 920 battery life


– Apple iPhone 5 4S / 4 / 3GS / iPod/ipad
For charging iPhone 5, please use the original usb cable came from the Apple iPhone 5
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 / S3 / S2 / Note / Nexus
– BlackBerry 9900 / 10 Dev Alpha / 9700 / 9930 / 9320
– Motorola XT788 / XT685 / Defy+ / DROID RAZR / RAZR i
– Nokia 920 / n9 / 800 / 900
– Google Nexus 4



This battery is again a great device which meets its purpose once and for all. The processing is reasonable so you can use the mobile battery also long. Even if he is not used for a time it discharges not. The only downside of this battery is that it was a little too large in the Performance/large compared with the 5600mAh of EasyAcc. Its size you could have preferred to use the 12000mAh battery of EasyAcc.

If your Quick Info, you can read something more about this here: here!*