EasyAcc 5600 mAh

For more information on this article can be found here today in the test of the Power Bank PB5600 EasyAcc*, perfect for use in everyday life, if the battery pack in your pocket.

First impression:Easyacc 5600 mAh

After two days my package was also already there thanks Amazon Prime. My first impression on the battery pack, it is just the right size for jackets or trouser pockets. The external battery is comparable with a packet of chewing gum, every-possible a little more difficult. There are two different length cable supplied what I find very beneficial. The quality, the processing of the mobile battery charger i find surprisingly good for the price. What has me the most excited about, it was the mobile battery already charged is delivered.

To the two different charging cables and more throughout every business day (18cm & 70cm), there are five different adapters for the popular smartphones such as Samsung, Apple, HTC but also Tablets such as kindle fire, ipad, or MP3 player can be charged. The instructions for use are short and easy to understand, in German & English.

The application:

Is as easy as possible. The battery pack is charged by a micro-USB port, this is then by the supplied USB cable to a computer or laptop connected this load operation. According to the description it takes ca. 6h. to whom the but takes too long, as it is of me. Can the Battery Pack but also comfortable within one hour of the outlet. You need to do this every-possible a Sockets-USB adapter, such as the mobile phones in this day and be mostly supplied. If the replacement battery is charged only once, then you can either use your own charging cable or one of the supplied cable & adapter. A prerequisite for the use of the charging cable is, of course, a USB charging cable. Everything is connected properly the charging process can begin by turning on the battery pack. The mobile battery shows when loading by its four lamps each its own charging. As soon as the phone or tablet is charged, and it turns away from the connector from the battery power pack automatically. This function protection against a self-discharge.Amazon_Banner

Easyacc 5600 mAh 1Conclusion:

The processing for this price is more than good. Unfortunately there is not yet a lightning track for the iPhone 5. But this is not a problem, since we can connect his normal charging cable there. The price-performance ratio is very good, and the battery pack* is one of the best in its price range.