EasyAcc 3000 mAh

Today, it is the EasyAcc 3000mAh battery with micro-USB connector

The first impression of the batteries:

EasyAcc 3000 charging cabel

At first glance it looks like the battery from the back of a Smartphone. He is super small and handy and ideal for your pocket. He fits easily together with a mobile phone in the pocket. He has a simple but attractive design. to the battery will be no further accessories shipped with the 3000mAh* it extends for two to three loads at a smartphone depending on the device.

The application:

Is slightly different than the other batteries we have presented you with this battery is the cable to charge the battery of the devices. You can connect various adapters and therefore not charge different devices. With this mobile battery can be loaded only devices that have a micro-USB connector will be loaded. It therefore falls unfortunately this battery for owners of an iphone out, which is a shame because it can be visually very similar. This allows the mobile battery but a great advantage, and although you can the charger cable to the edge of the battery pack, so if you don’t mind with the populated Power Bank is on the way and once you do not grade his smartphone charging. As soon as a device is connected, the mobile battery charging begins. Four LED’s show the capacity.

A conclusion to this mobile battery:

Due to its large size and weight, it is a very good battery for those who just need a small capacity, particularly the one the cable directly to the battery and it can hide there, so you can forget the cable does not fall on that but at the same time. Unfortunately the compatibility with the iphone way, which is a shame, because otherwise it is a really great battery*.