EasyAcc 12000 mAh

Here, we have the power Bank of EasyAcc tested with 12000mAh Ideal for charging of tablets.

First impression:

easyacc 12000 mAh 4 USB Ports

The battery pack is slightly larger and heavier than the 5600mAh, but more performance custom also holds more space. With 12000mAh is the external battery is the perfect mid-range and perfect for Tablets. However, the size of the mobile battery OK. Particularly positive is the Power Pack has already supplied fully charged. The processing is very good. A big advantage in this external battery offer the 4 USB Ports with different voltages for each device, so it is the correct port and you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The design of the mobile battery is simple, the upper and under side are black shiny and the edge silver. Of this battery pack is again are different adapter for the most popular Smartphones and tablets and charging cable included in the package.


This external battery works like most other mobile batteries also. He is on a Micro-USB port charging the battery so that you can simply power pack with a supplied cable and adapter to a USB port charging. Charging the mobile battery with the supplied charging cable takes over a 5V 2A track up to 9h. By the way, you can both mobile batteries on the computer or notebook or on the outlet which is significantly faster. As already mentioned, the four USB ports, with different charging voltages several advantages. Among other things, that you can charge two devices at the same time. If you smartphone or tablet connected one has to turn on the battery to start the loading process. As soon as a device to the external battery is connected, this automatically. The charge status of the mobile battery is displayed by four small lights.

A conclusion to this mobile external battery:

This is the most optimal mobile battery to load to a tablet on. An argument for this mobile battery is its high capacity and it will not be too large. The best part of this external battery charger, but the four USB ports which you can load multiple devices simultaneously.