Anker Astro3E 10000 mAh

Here we will provide you the Astro 3* of Anker with 10,000 mAh.

First impression:Anker-Astro3E-10000-mAh-1

He is properly packaged and well protected against falls during transport, but you can easily unpack it. The processing of the mobile battery is as with all very good. The battery has a simple, yet attractive design. It has two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time. Included in the scope of delivery are various adapters for the various smartphones such as mini-USB, Micro-USB or IPhone, and one cable and a carrying case for the mobile charger. The supplied instructions are only in English. But it’s not really a big deal because, the mobile battery explain itself.

The application:

The accumulator already is loaded fully delivered and immediately use is ready consequently. If the accumulator should be empty once, one can included loaded it very simply with that USB cable and Micro USB connection. The USB cable simply at a computer or outlet Adapter connecting. For loading its Tablet or Smartphone one either an own drawer cable or one of that can included use. Through a push of a button, the loading is started. One draws-off the connector of the external charger, this disengages itself automatically. The four LED lamps on the front, Indicate the respective drawer status of the mobile rechargeable battery.


The result:

A Super battery to charge of tablets or for multiple charges of the Smartphones. With the 10000 mAh* at this battery your ipad the ipad mini 1x or 2x charge. By its self-canceling is that the self-discharge is very low. The processing is clean and stable so that he can survive a fall. Unfortunately, this battery does not charge Samsung tablet, because these need a special charging Signal.