Anker Astro Pro14400 mAh

The size of Anker has arrived in our everyday helpers and here you will find all the info on the Anker Astro per 14400 Mah*. The large battery with enough power for the loading of notebooks and all hand more.

First impression:

Anker 14400mAh USB - Ports

The package is significantly larger than all of the previously tested devices, but this is not due So the Powerbank, but the whole Adapter are in a rather large packaging and that is why it is a little on the large side for this reason the package. By the packaging you can already see the External Battery very well and the V-shaped design on the top is very coherent. Included are all hand Adapter for Smartphones/mobile phones as well as for notebooks. Below you will find a picture with all adapters. The  External Battery has a capacity of 14400 mAh that corresponds to approx. 7 loads from a strong cellular phone battery.


Here we must distinguish two or even three things.

1. The loading from Astro Pro: is supplied with a power cord, the battery well you can download and not extra to connect a notebook or a PC to load. A great advantage as we find, because the loading via USB with 1000mAh for this device would take 14.4 hours and the solution with the power cord is really very well thought out.

2. The loading of USB-devices (Smartphone etc.): all devices with a USB-cable (5V) load are loaded via the supplied adapter cable must be removed. Here and the correct adapter be plugged on it. There are two USB ports and two devices so that you can also load in parallel.

3. The loading of Notebooks:  the loading of notebooks is also incredibly easy, but you’ll need to make sure on a couple of things. E.g. you may not your notebook with too much load Volts. To do this you look at the best thing to do on the power cord from the unit and look what it says there for a Volt number. On the right hand side you’ll then a sliding Knob, with which you can adjust the whole. Otherwise, there is no longer to be observed in addition to the correct adapter to use.

Amazon_BannerTechnical Details:

Fully charged by Original Adapter: 5-6h
Input: DC 12V / 1.2A (AC Adapter included)
Output: 2 USB * DC 5V / 2A Max (Output S for Samsung Tablets specially)
Dimensions: 5.91″ x 3.22″ x 0.83″ (150 x 82 x 21mm)
Weight: 0.84 lb. (385g)

Compatibility Models (not a full list)

Please Note Astro Pro 14400 will not charge devices with input currents lower than 40mAh, including iPod Nano and some Bluetooth and GPS devices

9V / 12V Optional Voltage Devices
Tablets / Digital Cameras / DV Recorders / PSP / NDS, NDSL (Extra connectors required for Asus Transformer Tablets Series, not included)

Samsung Tablets and Phones – USB Output S – 5V / 2A
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy S4 S3 S2, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Nexus

Apple Products – USB Output I – 5V / 2A
iPad 4 (The New iPad with retina display) 3 2 1, iPhone 5 4S 4 3GS, iPod

Most Android Tablets and Cell Phones – Both USB Output S & Output I


The Anker Astro Pro with its 14400 mAh* is a good companion for people with a lot of electricity as required. The quality and processing of Anker is, as always very good and can be seen. More info you’ll find here or in the video.

 If your Quick Info, you can read something more about this here: here!*