EasyAcc power bank with the design Transformers “Bumblebee” and 9,000 mAh

The  Transformer 9000 is something completely new. Not because of the capacity, but rather because a lot of attention has been put on the strict design. The Transformer 9000 originates, as the name suggests, from the movie Transformer and should represent Bumblebee.

EasyAcc-Transformer-9000_USB-inputsThe yellow covering is made out of metal, so the battery seems very robust. The yellow lacquering turned out well for a mobile battery.  The upper area is made out of black plastic with a structure. The dark glass in the middle of the battery should represent the eyes. The mouth is the display for the battery level at the same time. Depending on how full the battery is, the mouth lights up in various colors. The intense color can also help retrieving the mobile battery. Whether a battery really needs such a design or a simple black would do the job as well; everybody should know for himself or herself. I do like the idea of EasyAcc trying out something new, but it wouldn’t affect my purchasing decision.

The usage:

In the end, the external battery is used the same as with any others. It is charged through a micro USB input with (5 V; 2.0 A). Of course, with 9,000 mAh, it can take a while until the mobile battery is charged. But in the end, you will be happy with it for a longer period of time. You can also provide your devices like smartphones or tablets with power at the same time. The two USB ports charge with 5V, 1.0 A & 2.1 A. A built-in flashlight can help retrieving something in a dark backpack or in the depths of a handbag. In a night stroll, the lamp illuminates up to a distance of about 1 – 2 m. The mobile charger comes with two micro USB / USB cables. A 20 cm and a 60 cm long cable, which can be used for charging the external battery. If you want to charge a device with a connector other than micro USB, you can fall back to the original charging cable.


I do find the quality of the battery to be exceptionally well and I like the design as well. But I’m more concerned about the performance rather than the looks. Since the U-Bright 9,000 mAh] costs almost the same, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.