Easyacc Ultra 16000 with 16000 mAh

The new power bank from Easyacc with the name of Ultra 16000 and 16,000 mAh power.

EasyAcc-16000S_USB-inputsThe new flagship from EasyAcc is here! The EasyAcc Ultra 16000with 16000 mAh is here andwe were the first ones to test it for you. The power bank from EasyAcc has 3 outputs, so there is one more compared with most mobile charging devices. A flashlight wasn’t incorporated in this device, which is fit for the purpose, since the battery is designed for repeated charging (about 8 times) of your devices.

The usage

It doesn’t get any easier than that!
A power supply as well as a charging cable are supplied which you can simply plug into your socket at home. The input for the cable is located on the side of the battery and can’t be overlooked.
Because of the extra charging cable, considerably faster charging is possible and you don’t have to wait 15 hours for the EasyAcc Bolt with his 16,000 mAh to be fully charged.

The charging of your mobile phones and other technical equipment is as easy as with all the others. Plug in one of the two supplied USB to micro USB cables and push the button on the side. The cables only differ in length. One of the cables is 20 cm and the other 60 cm long. But you can also use your original charging cables.Using the Bolt from EasyAcc, you can also charge up to 3 devices at the same time with up to 4.4 A.

EasyAcc recommends

EasyAcc recommends using USB output 1 (5 V; 1.3 A) with the Galaxy Tab, and USB output 3 (5 V; 2.1 A) with the iPad.

Amazon_BannerPositives and negatives

+ the most powerful EasyAcc battery

+ three outputs for parallel operation

– a bit heavier than competitors


Finally, after a long test it can be said that EasyAcc did many things right with their “big one”. The capacity of 16,000 mAh is really enormous and I was able to fully charge my mobile phone (Samsung S2) easily up to 8 times. The fact that no LED is built in wasn’t negative for me, since I have used it very little to none at all with other power banks anyway. In our opinion, the EasyAcc Bolt 16000S is a good travelling companion or for people who are frequently on the go and dependent on electricity.