Anker Astro2 2nd generation with 9,000 mAh

First impression:

Anker-Astro-2-9000mah-connectionsI like the new packaging from Anker a lot! It’s a simple cardboard box, where you simply slidethe cover down and then open the box. Fumbling around is not necessary anymore.

The Astro Astro2* of the second generation does a lot of things better than its smaller predecessor. The capacity has increased from 8,400 mAh to 9,000 mAh and the energy efficiency has been improved. The conversion of the various voltages doesn’t need that much power anymore, so 80% of the capacity can be used for charging the device to be charged (e.g. smartphone).

Included is a charging cable and an adapter for Apple devices. Also, the battery itself; a matching bag with cooling vents, and the manual for the Astro 2.


As with any other Powerbank the charging of devices, as well as the battery itself, is very easy with the Anker Astro2*.

Charging of smartphones / tablets / navigation systems:There are two outputs which can be used for charging. The smart output has 5 V and a maximum of 2.4 A, the universal output even has 3 A. Therefore, ultra-fast charging is no problem and about 3 times as fast as with a socket at home or a computer.

Charging the battery:The  Powerbank is charged with 5 V and 1.2 A. Charging the device takes about 8 hours and is sufficient for some charges. How many exactly can be determined using the Powerbank calculator.

A little extra is the activation of the device by shaking. For example, if the battery pack is connected to a smartphone, you just have to briefly shake the device and then it will start to charge. I think it’s a nice additional feature, which can also be triggered by pressing the button; so it’s more of a gimmick. The capacity is indicated by 10 LEDs, arranged in a ring shape. This not only looks stylish, it is also very clear and you can see the battery level at first glance.

Positives and negatives:

+ no fingerprints

+ different charging voltage

– a bit heavier than its predecessor

– the shape is a matter of taste


A conclusion on the Anker Astro2 2nd generation:

Much was done right with the second generation. The surface is considerably better and got more user friendly. Because of the rubberized surface, no fingerprints are visible and even smaller scratches are not readily visible.
The capacity and energy efficiency has also been considerably improved and the conversion of the voltage no longer consumes about 30% of capacity but rather only 20%.

The workmanship and the extremely good customer service also speak for Anker and their great new products. Someone wanting a small all-rounder should get the Anker Astro2*.