Anker Astro Slim2 with 4,500 mAh

First impression:

Anker-Astro-2-Slim-4500mah-external-battery-chargerThe first impression of the Astro Astro Slim2* is captivating because of its size. First, I took a closer look on the Power bank and examined the texture as well as the accessories. I like the surface of the Slim2, since it’s a matte surface and thereby fingerprints or dirt aren’t readily visible.

There are not a lot of accessories, together with the Power Pack there is a quick start guide (mostly obsolete) and a cable for charging. The LED’s on the top of the device indicate the external attery charger level in 4 steps (25%-50%-75%-100%) and everybody should be able to understand it without instructions.


This Powerbank is probably the simplest among all external batteries. Simply pull out the cable together with the adapter from the side, plug it into the micro USB port and press the button, DONE!

When charging, just take the supplied cable and plug it into the Anker Slim2. Charging should initiate by itself if you did everything correctly. The capacity is enough for about 2-3 charges of a mobile phone. To determine the capacity more precisely, we programmed a Powerbank calculator for you.

Positives and negatives:

+ small and slim –          charges with only 1 Ampere
+ integrated micro USB cable –          can only charge one device at the same time


A conclusion on the battery:

Simple, small, good.

This is probably also the conclusion on the Power Pack. The Slim2* is designed to be as mobile as possible and it does that very well. Because of the integrated cable, only the small external battery charger needs to be taken with you and is always ready. It charges with “just” 1 A, so it’s a bit slower than its bigger brothers are, but this is almost unnoticeable. My mobile phone is fully charged in about 2 hours and it doesn’t have to be any faster.