Anker Astro E5 with 15,000 mAh – battery pack

The Astro E5 from Anker* has the same design as its little brother, the E4.Our model however is black rather than white.The Powerbank  has an elegant design with black high gloss lacquer.As with most batteries, four LEDs indicate the battery level.Additionally, as a little extra, there is a small LED light, e.g. for use in camping.

The usage;Anker Astro E5 15000 mAh_cable-adapter

Charging using a Powerbank is really easy. If you want to charge the external Battery, simply connect the Power Pack to a computer using the supplied USB cable or directly to the socket using a USB adapter. The Powerbank is fully charged when all four LEDs are lit. Should you want to provide your smartphone or tablet with power, simply plug the cable with the USB connector into one of the two USB ports. It’s now important which adapter is needed for your device; a Samsung and an Apple adapter are already included in the delivery. The cable which was used for charging the battery can also be used for charging the devices. Either through the micro USB port or the two supplied adapters. For charging Apple devices with a Lightning connector, the original charging cable must be used. As soon as the smartphone or tablet is charged, the battery interrupts the charging and turns itself off to prevent self-discharge.

The Anker E5 is perfect for a week of camping or holiday, as it can charge a smartphone between 7 and 8 times, depending on the smartphone. Because of the two high-speed ports, devices are quickly charged, no matter if Apple, HTC or Samsung. Because of the supplied Samsung Tablet Adapter, it is very versatile. With this price, you don’t necessarily have to do without good looks on the battery. Because of its black high gloss lacquer, it has an elegant design. All Apple and Android smartphones and tablets with a 5 V charging input are supported.

Positives and negatives:

+  comes fully charged

+  protective carrying case

–   LED can be easily turned on automatically

–   iPod Nano is unsupported



The Powerbank is like the E4 from Anker with even more power. This being the case, I would rather fall back to the E5. Especially since the Anker Astro E5* comes with an adapter for Samsung tablets as well