EasyAcc U-Bright batteries 3,000 / 6,000 or 9,000 mAh…

The U-Bright 6000* is one of the new battery series from EasyAcc; there is also a 3,000 and 9,000 mAh battery. Using the middle class of the U-Bright series, the 6000 battery, a smartphone can be fully charged more than 3 times.

EasyAcc-U-Bright 6000 mAhUSB-inputsThe U-Bright series has a stylish design in the colors black and silver. Compared with other
models, the LED flashlight is considerably brighter. To prevent the mobile battery from being dropped, there is a hand strap or a neck strap.

The battery has good workmanship, as expected from EasyAcc. There are no sharp edges or loose parts; the labeling is imprinted nicely as well. The U-Bright 6000 has a 0.5 W LED lamp. Compared with other batteries, this one is considerably brighter. The U-Bright 6000 features an automatic power off, to prevent the power bank from unintentional discharge. This means, if there is no load connected to the mobile battery for longer than 20 seconds, it will turn off itself automatically. This feature is very helpful when the mobile battery is being transported in bags or backpacks. Unfortunately, this power bank doesn’t come with a Lightning adapter for charging an iPhone 5. This is no problem; you can plug the original charging cable into the battery without any problems.

The mobile battery is charged through a micro USB input with 5 V and 2.0 A, so the battery gets fully charged within about 3 hours. To provide your smartphone or other devices like tablets, cameras or speakers with electricity, you can use the two included USB cables (1x 20 cm and 1x 60 cm). If you want to charge an iPhone or any other device which isn’t equipped with a micro USB input, you can also use the original charging cable, as long as it has a USB 2.0 connector.



The U-Bright series from EasyAcc* has a modest, but very appealing design. Especially the one with 6,000 mAh is the perfect middle course. It’s not oversized and still has enough capacity to fully charge a smartphone up to 3 times. I mostly wear the battery in my pocket.