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Finally you can charge your smartphone, tablet or USB-devices everywhere. No need to charge your devices by car or at home. External battery packsperfect for charging at travel or on the way.

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Most of you know that feelings, last night you forgot to charge your phone or you ain’t charged your phone because the battery was almost full. And at the next day you noticed that you are gone for longer as you planned. Or you used your smartphone longer as planned. Of course you could carry your charging device with you as long as you can charge your device somewhere. But if you are traveling by car or train it’s hard to find a place to charge your phone. Most of the fabricants tried to raise the battery lifetime with bigger batteries or a way to charge you phone on the way. Some with solar power or other new technologies but most of them are neither easy to use nor easy to deal with. [sam id=“1″ codes=“true“]

We are from www.external-battery-charger.com want to present you what benefits exist if you have an external battery. And what Powerbanks are worth the money.

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1. Capacity of 0 to 7000mAh

2. Capacity of 7001 to 13000mAh

3. Capacity of 13001 to max mAh


Benefits of an Powerbank EasyAcc U-Bright 6000 mAh scope of delivery

  • You can charge your device everywhere
  • It’s small and light
  • You can charge almost all devices
  • No pushing up the device

How does an external battery pack work?

All you have to do is charge the external battery at home and if your battery is about to die just Plug-in a charging cable and fill up your smartphone battery and the device will get charged.

What devices can take use of an external battery?

Almost all devices with a USB port and most of the battery packs bringing you some adapters that make it able to charge your device with the pack.

What kind of devices can get charged?

Devices that use an adapter of the pack or a device by the normal charging cable if it is USB.

For more information check our FAQ: http://external-battery-charger.com/faq